During my college years I was working as a photojournalist for Serbian national news agency “Tanjug” and Serbian weekly news magazine “Vreme”. It was an excellent experience and training in being mindful, reactive, fast and invisible while still seeing and framing your shots.
Documenting the world and people around me was one of the reasons why I was attracted to photography.
Being a photojournalist, gives you an “alibi” to hold the camera onto your face and shoot everything. It also gives you more freedom of movement to visit places and attend events that most people wouldn’t have access to. Being behind the stages, interviewing high level politicians, covering riots and demonstrations, makes you see the world from different perspectives. You get to see how things work.
Most of news photography feels too informational and focused on the story even at the expense of aesthetics. I tried approaching news photography from the visual side first, but still keeping in mind the story behind. Sometimes I like letting people’s imagination fill the details from the title of an article. By showing subject’s environment in many layers, viewers can experience the mood of an event and be more connected with the story rather than just having a very narrow portrait of the subject.
Besides many faces of photojournalism, this selection includes topics that mostly interested me such are religious, political and cultural events.